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Horizontal Bandsaws


wells l9 Bandsaw H04062 Wells L-9 Horizontal Bandsaw 9" x 12" Capacity, 3/4" Blade, 3 Phase 208-230/460 Volts $995.00
 Vertical Bandsaws
H0602 Roll-In Vertical Cut Off Band Saw w/ Clamp, 3/4 HP 3 Phase 230/460 Volt Motor $1,995.00
Doall v16 vertical bandsaw H1101 DoAll 16" Vertical Bandsaw w/ Blade Welder, Lo Speed, Model V-16, 1/2 HP 3 Phase 220/440 Volts $1,895.00
doall 16" bandsaw H1101a DoAll 16" Vertical Bandsaw w/ Blade Welder, Hi/Lo Speed Gear Box3 Phase 230 Volts
doall vertical bandsaw H1102 DoAll 16" Vertical Bandsaw w/ Blade Welder, Hi/Lo Speed, 50-1600 RPM,  Model 16-2, 1-1/2 HP 3 Phase 208-220/440 $2,495.00
  Doall Saw Pitch Gage, Types of Saw Set, Aluminum, 3" Wide Sold

Abrasive Cut off Saws

H2107 Kalamazoo 7" Abrasive Chop Saw, Baldor 1 HP 1 Phase 115/230 Volts $249.00
12" chop saw H2112 Kalamazoo??? 12" Abrasive Chop Saw, 5 HP $295.00

Cold Saws


Bandsaw Stock Rollers

  Adjustable Roller Stand


  36" x 72" Shop Work Bench Heavy Duty Steel Stock Rolling Stand $95.00

  Bandsaw Blade Welder

H2512delta blade welder The Delta Mfg. Co. Bandsaw Blade Welder, Model BW-2, 1/8"-1/2" 1 Phase 230 Volts, 12 Amps $295.00
H2533 DoAll Bandsaw Blader Welder, 1/16"-1/2", 1 Phase 115/230 Volts,  DBW-10 $349.00
jrk Stryco BRG Bandsaw Blade Welder, 110 volts, 13 Amps, 1.5 KVA at 50% Duty Cycle


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