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Added 12/15/17


Countersink Set


Craftsman Indicator Set


Zero Set Indicator Holder


Angle Plate


1" V Block Set


Added 12/14/17


Fly Cutters




Micrometer Stand




Rotation Counter


Enco Optical Center Punch


Added 12/14/17


5C Collet Block Set


Added 12/11/17


Aloris DA Tool Post


50 to 40NMTB


40 Taper Face Mill


Added 12/8/17


Kurt Double Vise


Drive Plate 1-1/2"-8 TPI


50NMTB Quick Switch Tool Set


50 Taper Arbor


Dial Bore Gages


Greenerd Arbor Press


Added 12/7/17


Diamond Grinding Wheel




Centering Indicator


Added 12/16/17


Craftsman Indicator Set


Mitutoyo Indicator Set


Center Indicator


Brown & Sharpe 36" Vernier


Knurling Wheels


Versa V Block


Dremel Tool


Craftsman Riveter


Dumore Tool Post Grinder


Added 12/5/17


Craftsman Dunlap Lathe


Knurling Tool


14" 4 jaw, 3"-4-1/2"


Dividing Head Tailstock


Added 12/4/17


Powermatic Drill Press


Back Plate 1-3/4-8TPI


Boring Head 2MT


Mitutoyo 29"-30" Micrometer


Brown & Sharpe Magnetic Chuck


45 Quick Change Taper Chucks


$5 Books


Added 12/2/17


Rockwell Vertical Milling Machine


Buck 8" 4 Jaw, 1-7/8"-8


Palmgren 4-1/2" Drill Press Vise


Multi Fixture Vise


Magnetic Transfer Ring


Added 12/1/17


Palmgren Rotary Cross Slide Table


Tool Shop Belt & Disc Sander


Hydraulic Lift


Craftsman Lathe Manual


Machinery's Handbook


Digital Height Gage



Shars Dial Calipers


Added 11/30/17


1-1/2" 8TPI Chuck


Slocomb Depth Micrometer


Starrett 0-3" Micrometer


Added 11/29/17


Enco 12" Rotary Table


Flynn Boring Head



Added 11/28/17


R-8 Quick Change Sets


15" Troyke Rotary Table


8" Palmgren Rotary Cross Slide Table


8" Palmgren Tilting Rotary Table


K & T Dividing Head


Eclipse Angle Plate


General Drill Grinding Attachment


Added 11/27/17


Compound Magna-Sine





Added 11/22/17


SRD Drill Grinder


Craftsman Buffer


Drill Press Vises


Added 11/21/17


10" L0 Chuck


10" Bison 2-1/4"-8


400 Series Quick Change Tool Post


Cincinnati Toolmaster Adapters


Jacobs Flex Collet Set


Bridgeport Mill Shield


Magnetic Transfer Right Angle Plates


Craftsman Drill Grinding Attachment


Added 11/20/17




Added 11/18/17


Bridgeport Quill Master


Volstro Rotary Head


Angle Plate Fixture


Holdridge Radii Cutter


Added 11/17/17



Heavy Duty Cabinet


Tree Taper Boring Head


Added 11/15/17


Vidmar Cabinet


WA Whitney Punch


Added 11/14/17



Added 11/10/17


Bridgeport Milling Machine


Added 11/9/17


Titling Table


Added 11/7/17


Rockwell Milling Machine


Added 11/7/17

Elgin Horizontal Mill


Bridgeport Right Angle Head


Starrett Level


Shop Made Sand Blast Cabinet, Made of Wood


Powermatic Belt & Disk Sander


8" 4 Jaw D1-3


Added 11/6/17


Bridgeport M-Head


Wood Parts Bin


Router Bits


Dayton Tool Stand


Wood Bench Cabinet







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