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Lost Creek December Shop Days

Friday December 13th 8AM-5PM

Saturday December 14th 8AM-3PM

Coffee & Doughnuts & Sloppy Joes and Chips Offered

Special Guest mrpete222 "Tubalcain" Saturday 10AM-Noon

The "Rusty Halo" Craft Store will be open!!!




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Added 12/5/19


Bridgeport Shaper


Added 12/4/19


Dumore Automatic High Speed Drill




Added 12/2/19


Bridgeport Door

12" D1-4 Face Plate


Atlas 10" Tailtock Casting


Barrel Grabber


Albrecht Keyless Chuck

South Bend Catalog 9-J



Right Angle Attachment Arbor Support


Dumore Versa-Mil Internal Grinder


Dumore Versa-Mil Hi Speed Head

Stainless Steel Mig Wire


Added 11/29/19


Kurt 5" Vise


Wahlstrom Chucks



Brown & Sharpe Dial Test Indicator


Straight Shank Drive Plate/Center


Right Angle Iron


Angle Plate


90 Degree Gearbox


Hardware Storage Box


Added 11/27/19

UVT Tilting Table


Van Norman Dividing Head

40 Taper Tooling Racks 


Albrecht Drill Chucks

Starrett Micrometers

Starrett Metric Micrometers

Added 11/26/19


Burke Millrite


Union 9" 2 Jaw Chuck




Added 11/22/19


Mr Deburr Vibratory Finisher


Gripnail Automatic Fastening System


Kurt 5" Vise


Yuasa Spacer


FIMS Tool Post


Added 11/21/19


Lagun Vertical Milling Machine


Kurt 4" Self Centering Vise


5-C Fixture


2J Collet Set


Jacobs Keyless Chuck


Added 11/20/19


Harig Super 18 Surface Grinder


Adjust Tru Back Plate D1-8


Albrecht 0-3/8" Drill Chucks MT#2



Starrett Micrometer


Added 11/18/19

Lagun Vertical Milling Machine


Pexto Tinners Anvils


Armstong Threading Tool Bit


Leeson 1 HP Motor


Huot Drill Index A-Z


Added 11/16/19


Bridgeport Mill


Bridgeport Vise


Di-Acro Punch


Added 11/15/19

Hardinge 3 Jaw Chuck

Logan 4 Jaw Chuck, 1-1/2"-8TPI


17-1/2" Face Plate D1-6

Hardinge Tool Post

Added 11/13/19


Cut Off Blade Holder


Bison Back Plate 1-1/2-8TPI


Bridgeport Shaper Bolt


Added 11/11/19


Champ Drill Grinder


Jacobs 14N Drill Chuck 2MT Shank

Drill Chuck R-8 Shank


Clamping Kit

Starrett Thickness Gage 


Added 11/7/19


Hardinge Lathe Compound


Milwaukee Mag Base


Jacobs 3/4" Drill Chuck w/ R-8 Shank


Added 11/6/19


Jacobs 18N R-8 Shank


2" Boring Head, R-8 Shank



Starrett Edge Finder


Added 11/4/19


Troyke 12" Rotary Table


Added 11/1/19



Added 10/31/19


Bridgeport Milling Machine


11-1/2" Back Plate D1-6


12" T-Slot Face Plate


Added 10/30/19


6" 1-1/2"-8TPI 4 Jaw Chuck


L00 8" Back Plate


16" A1-11 3 Jaw Chuck


Cushman 15" D1-6


Clausing 5900 Tailstock


Added 10/28/19


Bridgeport Motor


Bridgeport Milling Machine Lamp


Weldon 50 Taper Holder


Added 10/25/19


Rotary Table Indexing Attachment


Gisholt 8" 3 Jaw A1-8


1-1/2"-8TPI Faceplate


L00 Face Plate


3 Jaw L00 Chuck


3C Collet Closer


3AT Collets


Cleveland MT#3 Reamer


Fly Cutters


CAT Occupational Dictionary 


Added 10/24/18


L1 3 Jaw Chuck


Added 10/22/19


Bridgdeport Mill


DoAll 20" Bandsaw


Mag Base Drill


Aluminum Dock Plates


Tool Post Grinder


Torit 1 Ph. Dust Collector


Universal Grinding Fixture


Pamgren 6" Vise


Dividing Head Tailstock


Added 10/21/19


Lyon Parts Storage


Uline Parts Storage


Kurt Vise


Added 10/17/19


Enco Turret Lathe


Bridgeport Milling Machine Vise


Dayton 15 HP 3 Phase Motor



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