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Added 5/18/19

South Bend 9" Lathe 

Union 3 Jaw Chuck, Plain Back

Heinrich 4" Quick Acting Vise

Drill Press Vise w/ Rotating Jaw

Tool Post Grinder

Starrett Mag Base

Variable Transformer

Added 5/17/19

Palmgren 8" Rotary Cross-Slide Table


Palmgren Milling Attachment


Palmgren Drill Press Vise


Palmgren Tilting Drill Press Vise


South Bend 13" Steady Rest


3 Jaw Chuck w/ Rotary Table Adapter


Erickson Tenthset, 1" Shank

Erickson Tenthset



Jacobs 11N Drill Chuck w/ #2 MT


Jacobs No. 0 Drill Chuck

Starrett Hold Downs 


Added 5/16/19

Wilton 4" Vise

Brown & Sharpe Dial Indicator


Spindle Thread Protector, 2-3/8"-6TPI


3C Collet Closer for South Bend 9" Lathe

3C Collet Set

3C Collet

3C Hex Collets



3C Indexing Fixture

Added 5/15/19


Rockwell Belt Sander


Palmgren Drill Press Vise


Wilton Drill Press Vise



SPI 1-2-3 Blocks

Starrett Dial Indicator Point Set


Woodruff Key Cutters


Phase II Quick Change Tool Post


On Sale


Added 5/14/19


Mitutoyo Combination Square


Mituyto 7"-8"Inside Micrometer


Mitutoyo 7" Vernier Calipers


Dunlap 4 Jaw Chuck


Pratt Burnerd 8" 3 Jaw Chuck


Huot Drill Index


Added 5/13/19


South Bend 9" Lathe


South Bend 9" Follower Rest


South Bend 9" Steady Rest


5" Drive Plate 1-1/2"-8


Follower Rest


Atlas Milling Attachment


Headstock Drill Chuck 1-1/2" 8TPI


3" Toolmakers Vise


Vertex 6" H/V Rotary Table


North Bros "Yankee" Mini Vise


Drill Press Vise


Dumore Hand Grinder



Starrett 5" Height Gage



Starrett Scriber


Thickness Gages


Added 5/10/19


Buck Adjust Tru 1-1/2"-8TPI


5MT Headstock Adapter


Morse Taper #3 Live Center


Albrecht 1/2", MT2


Jacobs 14N R-8 Shank 


Wavy Parallels


Starrett 6" Machinist Level


Lufkin Planer Gage


24" Vernier Caliper


Added 5/9/19

Mitutoyo 12" Dial Caliper

B&S 1" Micrometer

Starrett 1" Micrometer 


Starrett Magnetic Base

Starrett Swivel Base Holder 

12" Tailstock


Royal 5C Collet Closer


Aloris CXA Tool Post


Added 5/6/19


Delta 14" Metal Bandsaw




6" Tilting Angle Vise (New)


6" Angle Lock Vise(New)


6" Milling Machine Vise(New)


TJL 1/2 Ton Arbor Press(New in Box)



1/2 Ton Arbor Press(New in Box)


Palmgren 1 Ton Arbor Press (New in Box)


Palmgren 2 Ton Arbor Press (New)


36" x 16 Gauge Slip Roll (New in Box)


24" x 20 Ga. Box & Pan Brake


12" x 20 Ga. Box & Pan Brake


12" x 20 Ga Hand Brake(New In Box)


12" 3 in 1 Sheetmetal Combination Machine


6" Bench Grinder


Armstrong Lathe Dog


Armstrong Threading Tool 60" Sharp V


Added 5/4/19


Starrett Telescoping Gages


Starrett Radius Gages


Erickson DA180 Collet Set


Added 5/2/19

8-3/8" 3 Jaw Chuck w/ 2-1/4"-8TPI Spindle Thread



Starrett Micrometers

Starrett Thickness Gage

Lufkin Thread Gage


Surface Gage

Import 6" Dial Caliper

Sine Bar

Jacobs 3/8" Drill Chuck NOS

Jacobs 1/4" Mulitcraft Drill Chuck NOS


Added 5/1/19


Mitutoyo 24" Combination Square Blade


Craftsman Tool Box


Kennedy Tool Box


17" Steady Rest


Ridgid Die Handle


Added 4/30/19


Winterhoff Drill


Starrett & Brown & Sharpe Micrometer Set


Quick Change Tool Post Set


40 Taper Collet Chuck


Moore Jig Bore Arbor


Ridgid Pipe Threader


Storage Cabinet


Added 4/29/19


Starrett Combination Square

Armstong Machinist Clamp


Jacobs 1/2" Chuck 3MT

Cushman Chuck 5/8-16 Arbor Hole


Added 4/28/19


Starrett Student Machist Book



Federal Dial Indicator


Starrett Precision Angle Plate


Precision V Block   


3MT Live Center


Added 4/26/19


Albrecht 1/8" Chuck


Starret V Block


Number Drill Set

Tap Wrench


Mounting Plate


Added 4/25/19


Emco Compact 5


Craftsman Thread Tool NOS


Aloris CXA Holder


Aligning Reamer & Drill Kits


Starrett Indicator Set


Added 4/24/19


Palmgren Crosslide Tilting Rotary Table


Added 4/23/19


Erickson Boring Heads


Starrett Surface Gage


Starret Small Hole Gages


Aloris Toolholder


Added 4/22/19

Pexto Finger Brake


Famco #2 Arbor Press

Riten MT#3 Live Center


No 4 MT Live Center

Starrett 6" Dial Calipers

Brown & Sharpe 6" Calipers

Starrett Inside Micrometer Set

Starrett Inspector's Micrometers Caliper Gage


Starrett Blade Micrometer

Mitutoyo Metric Digimatic Micrometers

Federal Dial Indicator 

Gem 2 Sided Indicator Set

Precision Angle Block



Jacobs Super Chucks

Machinery's Handbook

Motors Repair Manual 

Added 4/19/19


1/2 Ton Chain Fall


Added 4/18/19



Bench Top Hole Punch


Albrecht R-8 Chuck


ETM R-8 to JT3


Starret Hold Down


Thread Measuring Wires



MA Ford Countersinks


1-2-3 Blocks


Tilting Drill Press Vise


Added 4/17/19


WA Whitney Bench Shear


Roper Whitney Punch


Pin Gage Set .501"-.625"


Cast Iron Surface Plate


Added 4/15/19


Sheldon 12 x 36" Lathe


X-Axis Powerfeed


ETM 50 Taper ER-40 Collet Chuck


Huot R-8 Collet Rack


Quick Change Tool Post Set


Dayton Drum Grip


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