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Added 6/27/17


South Bend 10" Lathe


1-1/2"-8TPI Face Plate


Craftsman Bench Grinder


Added 6/26/17


Kalamazoo Horizontal Bandsaw


Dake H-Frame Press


Pexto Setting Down Machine


Anvil Stake



Added 6/22/17


Quick Change Tool Post


Pexto Beader


Added 6/19/17


Drill Press Vises


Pexto Crimper Beader


Added 6/16/17


Buck 6" 4 Jaw


Bolt Bin


Added 6/15/17


Cincinnati 15" x 54" Lathe


Logan Lathe


Delta Surface Grinder


Beverly B3 Shear


Marvel Rod Shear


R-8 End Mill Holder Set


Added 6/13/17


Bridgeport Milling Machine


16 Gauge Slip Roll



Bar Folder


Vibratory Finisher


South Bend 10K Collet Closer


Jacobs 14N, R-8




Added 6/12/17


36" x 16 Gauge Shear


Beverly B2 Shear


Famco Arbor Press


Granite Surface Plate


Added 6/10/17


Dayton Chain Hoist


Kurt 6" Vise




Brown & Sharpe Calipers


 Z collets


Steel Rules w/ Handle


Added 6/9/17


Wilton Vise


Round Magnetic Chuck


Columbian 5" Drill Press Vise


Added 6/8/17


Palmgren 8" Drill Press Vise


Palmgren Tilting Vise


Procunier # 4 w/ 4MT


Added 6/7/17


Aloris Indexable Quick Change





Cast Iron Lathe Leg Bench


Blacksmith Forming Cone


5C Lever Spin Index


D1-6 4 Jaw Chuck


Hand Scraper Kit


Added 6/6/17


Magnetic Chuck


Electric Motor


Added 6/3/17


Magnetic Chuck, New Stock Item



96" Straight Edge


Added 6/2/17


Mag Base Drill


Columbian 5" Bench Vise


VIS 8" Level


Starrett 15" Precision Level


Added 5/31/17


Bridgeport Milling Machine


Harig Surface Grinder


Storm Boring Bar


Edwards 7" Shear


Kurt 6" Vise


Precision Universal Tool Head B & S 10


Jacobs 5/8" Drill Chuck, R-8


Follower Rests


Steel Cabinet




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