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Lathe Face Plate Sale 

 Added 1/22/20


Bridgeport 12" Rotary Table


Jacobs 14N Chuck


6x6x6" Angle Plate


Added 1/20/20


Jacobs Super Chuck R-8 Shank


4MT Live Center


Gorton Rotating Fixture 


Added 1/16/20


Lagun Republic Lathe


MSC 7" x 12" Bandsaw


Forklift Fork Extensions


5/8" Superchuck, 4MT Shank


Added 1/15/20


Kurt D675 Vise


R-8 Horizontal Milling Machine Arbor, NEW!


Hydraulic Lift Table


Added 1/13/20


Wells Bandsaw


Plunger Cans


Added 1/10/20


Kurt 4" Vise


7-1/2" Rotary Table


6" 2 Piece Vise


Moore 14" x 12-1/2" Sine Plate


12" x 9" Sine Plate 


Angle Plate




Square Collet Blocks


Steel Shelves




Added 1/9/20


Work Benches


Starrett Granite Surface Plate


4" 4 Jaw Chuck, 1"-10TPI


MT#1 Live Center


Check Stand


Static Balance Rolls


2 Ton Hoist


Added 1/7/20


Leblond Collet Closer

Cushman 10" 4 Jaw D1-6


16" D1-6 Face Plate

19-3/4" D1-6 Face Plate


10" D1-6 Drive Plate


Atlas Compound Parts

B&S Straigth Edge Knife Set

Indicator Holder

Heavy Duty Steel Pedestal


Added 1/6/20


Rockford Lathe


Emco Unimat Lathe


Bridgeport Right Angle Head and Support


Bison 9-3/4" D-6


PEC Combination Square


Atlas Utiltiy Hone


Added 1/3/20


Roll-In Bandsaw


Myford Lathe Vertical Slide


American Rotary 5HP Rotary Phase Converter


B & S 10 1" Endmill Holder


Added 12/26/19


Leblond Lathe


Added 12/23/19

Themac Tool Post Grinder

Hardinge 2J Collet Chuck, L1 Mount


Powematic Vertical Bandsaw



Delta Radial Drill 


Added 12/21/19


Lufkin Optical Comparator


Baldor Carbide Grinder


Added 12/19/19

Dumont Broach Set


Starrett Micrometers

Kurt 5" Swivel Base Vise

Wilton 4" Vise


Central Bandsaw Blade Welder


5-C Collets

MT#2 Crotch Center


2-1/4"-8 Spindle Thread Protector



Logan Lathe Half Nuts

Added 12/17/19


Jacobs 14N w/ R-8 Shank


5-C Square and Hex Collets


Added 12/11/19

Diacro 24" Shear


Kurt D675 Vise


Royal MT#3 Carbide Tipped Dead Center

Taft Pierce Electomagnetic chuck


Added 12/10/19


Granite Surface Plate


Bridgeport Boring Head


Jacobs Headstock Chuck, 1-1/2"-8


Added 12/9/19


Bridgeport Mill


Added 12/5/19


Bridgeport Shaper


Added 12/4/19


Dumore Automatic High Speed Drill




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