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Added 5/29/20 


Mitutoyo Dial Indicator

Magnetic Chuck w/ Control


Steel Cabinet


Steel Tool Box


Added 5/28/20


Jacobs Super Chuck, R-8 Shank


Added 5/26/20


South Bend 16" Steady Rest


Quick Change Tool for South Bend 16" Lathe


2-3/8 6TPI Face Plate


2-3/8" 6 TPI Drive Plate


Added 5/23/20


10" 4 Jaw, 2-3/8"-6 TPI 


Added 5/21/20


Morgan 4" Vise


Dorian QC Tool Holder


Added 5/20/20

Sunnen Double Hone

Bridgeport Mill Vise

Added 5/19/20

Surface Grinder

Johnson Model J Bandsaw


Jacobs Headstock Chuck 1" x 8 TPI

17-1/2" D1-6 Face Plate


Mixed Micrometer Set

Import Indicol

Enco Telescoping Gages

8" Dial Calipers


Bridgeport Catalogs

Parts Cabinet


Added 5/13/20


Kennedy Machinist Chest


Jacobs 1/2" Chuck, 2 Morse Taper


Mitutoyo 6" Dial Calipers


Enco 12" Dial Calipers


Elgin Micrometer


Starrett 1/8" Dial Indicator


Bridgeport 1 HP Motor


R-8 Collet Set


Valenite 3" Face Mill, R-8 Shank


Fly Cutter Set


Reed Bench Vise


Added 5/12/20




3 Jaw, L0 Spindle


Boring Head, R-8


Stanley Vidmar Cabinet


Wesco Pallet Jacks


Lincoln AC/DC Welder


Added 5/11/20


Aloris BXA Holder


Aloris CXA Tool Holders 


Added 5/8/20


Harrison Lathe


Bridgeport Mill $2,495.00!!!!


Bridgeport Lamp


Jacobs 14N, 3MT


Enco Wiggler Set


6" Dial Caliper


Enco Telescoping Gages


Added 5/7/20


Jacobs 14N, 3MT


Bridgeport Mill

Tumico 2-3" Micrometer

Starrett 4" Double Square

Starrett 0-1" Micrometer


Mitutoyo 6" Electronic Calipers


Radius Gage Set


Starrett Inside Micrometer


Atlas Lathe Book

Atlas Tool Post Grinder


Added 5/5/20


South Bend 9"/10K Stop


Starrett Mag Base and Indicator


All Steel File/Parts Cabinets


Added 4/28/20


Hartford Spacer

South Bend 9" Cross Feed Screw


Added 4/24/20


Hardinge 2-J D1-6 Mount


Kurt Vise


Boring Bar Holder


Spade Drill


Tap & Drill Selector


MT# 3 Drifts


5 Ton Hook


Added 4/23/20


Mohawk 3" Drill Grinder

10" L00 4 Jaw Chuck


Hartford 12" Spacer


Gorton 10" Rotary Table



South Bend Heavy 10 Back Gear

South Bend 9" Saddle & Compound


Added 4/22/20


4" Chuck 3/4"-16TPI


South Bend Heavy 10 Apron


Armstrong Boring Bar Holders


Countersink Holder




Added 4/21/20


South Bend 14-1/2" x 60" Lathe


Added 4/20/20



Wood Lathe Tooling Rack


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