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Added 8/13/19


Pexto Shear


Added 8/9/19


Bridgeport Mill


Boring Head 3/4" Shank


11" D1-4 Face Plate


Atlas 10" Lathe Tailstock


Added 8/7/19


Peerless 9" x 16" Horizontal Bandsaw


Tool Gtinder


Added 8/6/19


Mill & Drill


Bridgeport Knee, Saddle, & Table


Stencil Maker


Added 8/1/19


Clausing Colchester 17" x 80" Lathe


Sheldon Lathe


Jacobs 1/4", MT#1 Shank


Added 7/31/19

Niagara Shear 72" x 16 Gauge

8" Pedestal Grinder, 1 Ph.

Delta Wood Bandsaw

Pair of Angle Plates

Face Plate, 1-1/4" 12TPI


South Bend 9"/10K Bull Gear

Air Pump

Added 7/30/19

Trav-A-Dial w/ Lathe Bracket


Heinrich 5-C Pneumatic Fixture


3" Pneumatic Vise

Added 7/29/19


Bridgeport J-Head Only


Trico Spraymister


Added 7/25/19


Double Lock Vise


Morse Taper #2 Reamer


Added 7/24/19


WF Wells W-9 Bandsaw


Hardinge 2-J Collet Chuck, D1-6


Heinrich 8" Vise


Added 7/23/19

Lyndex R-8 Collet Set

L0 Face Plate

4" Vise

Added 7/22/19


Sheldon Lathe


Clausing 20" Drill Press


Rockwell 15" Drill Press

Sterling Drill Grinder

SRD Drill Grinder


Flammable Storage Cabinet


Kurt Vises


8" Milling Machine Vise


Added 7/11/19


Clausing 5900 Steady Rest


Clausing 5900 Follower Rest


Rockwell Lathe Cabinet


Added 7/10/19


Aloris CA Tool Post


Collis 5MT Live Center


Adjust Tru Chuck


Added 7/9/19


Granite Step Block


Vidmar 10 Drawer Cabinet


Vidmar 7 Drawer Cabinet


Vidmar 4 Drawer Cabinet


Equipto 9 Drawer Cabinet


Lista 7 Drawer


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