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Added 10/19/19


Bridgeport 2 HP, 9" x 48" Table


Added 10/17/19


Enco Turret Lathe


Rockwell Belt/Disc Sander


Bridgeport Milling Machine Vise


Dayton 15 HP 3 Phase Motor


Added 10/16/19


Bison 4 Jaw Live Chuck, 4MT


Added 10/15/19


Procunier 4F Tapping Head, MT # 3


Banding Tool Set


Die Stocks


Safety Step Ladder


Added 10/14/19


Delta Carbide Grinder


Bridgeport Milling Machine Vise


Craftsman 10" Table Saw


Added 10/11/19

0-12" Micrometer Set


Buck 6" 6 Jaw D1-3


3" 4 Jaw Chuck, 1/2"-20 TPI


4" 4 Jaw Chuck, 1/2"-20 TPI


Hartford Spacer


Columbian 4" Vise


Riten Live Center, 5MT


Doall 4MT Live Center


Boring Head, R-8 Shank


Radius Dresser

Added 10/10/19

Powermatic Drill Press

Diacro 24" Brake

Tennsmith 36" Shear

Kurt 6" Vise

Yuasa Spacer

Clamping Kit

Dumont Broach Set

Jacobs 14N w/ 4MT Shank


Rockwell Drive/Faceplate 1-1/2"-8


Drive Plate 2-1/4"-8TPI


Diamond Dresser


Added 10/8/19


Turn Pro Surface Grinder


 Added 10/4/19


Walker Turner Vertical Metal Cutting Saw


Bridgeport Riser Block


Dust Collector


Added 10/3/19


Bridgeport Mill, 1-1/2 HP Variable Speed, DRO, X-Feed


Added 10/2/19



Bridgeport Mill


Added 10/1/19


Bridgeport Mill


Bridgeport Right Angle Head


6" Mill Vise


Mitutoyo Radius Gage


Added 9/30/19


Central 13" x 40" Lathe


Logan 10" x 24" Lathe


Jacobs 14N Super Chucks


Adjustable Hand Reamer Set


Added 9/27/19


Jacobs 14N R-8 Shank


Bridgeport Boring Head


Added 9/25/19


Bison Centering Vise


Bridgeport 4" Riser Block


Added 9/24/19


Rolling Step Ladder


Added 9/23/19


Bridgeport Mill



Phase II Quick Change for Mini Lathe


Ingersoll Rand 5 HP 3 Phase Air Compressor


Added 9/19/19


Bridgeport Mill, 9" x 48" Table


Added 9/17/19


Bridgeport Mill


Clausing 20" 2 Head Drill Press


5-C Spin Index


Double Lock Vise


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