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Added 4/24/18


Dumore 3/4HP Tool Post Grinder


Tinners Stake


Wilton 6" Vise


Shaft Vises


5" Sine Bar 


Added 4/20/18


South Bend 9" Metal Lathe


Doall Vertical Bandsaw


Miller Mig Welder w/ Spoolgun


Lincoln Arc Welder


24" x 36" Cast Iron Surface Plate



Thin Parallels


Added 4/19/18


Boyar Schultz


erick center finder

Erick Center Finder


1 HP 1 Phase Motor


Added 4/18/18


Logan Powermatic 11" x 36"


Kurt Vise


Added 4/17/18


South Bend 9" Compound


Jacobs L1 Flex Collet Chuck


Starrett Small Hole Gages


Metric Pitch Gage


Added 4/16/18


Bridgeport Boring Head


Bridgeport QC Toolpost


Albrecht R-8 Drill Chuck


Jacobs 14, 4MT


Bison Live Center MT3


Dumont Metric Broach Set


Added 4/14/18


Dumont Broach Set


Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer


Added 4/13/18


DoAll Bandsaw


Starrett Inside Micrometers


 Added 4/12/18




60 gallon air tank

60 Gallon Air Tank




Added 4/10/18


1 Ton Electric Hoist


4" Machine Vise w/ Swivel Base


4" Vise


Added 4/3/18


4C Collet Fixtuer Indexer

4C Indexing Fixture w/ Collets


universal zz collet

Universal ZZ Collets


 Added 4/2/18


5C Indexer




Added 3/31/18


30NMTB Tool Holders


Added 3/30/18


Hardinge Mill


Bridgeport VS Head





Starrett Indicator Holder Set


Assembly Press


Added 3/29/18


hy lo speed vise

Mill Vise


3" Boring Head


Drill Chuck B&S #9 Shank


Added 3/28/18


Sterling Drill Grinder


Buck 6 Jaw, D4


Right Angle Attachment


Hand Punch


Toolmakers Vise


Sine Plate


Added 3/27/18


Yuasa Rotary Table


Small Mill Vise


5C Spin Index

5C Spin Index


5c lever indexer

5C Lever Indexer


Caliper Gage



5/8" Square Broach 



Added 3/26/18


Doall Bandsaw

Doall Bandsaw


Bevel Mill

Heck Bevel Mill


Quincy Air Compressor


Added 3/25/18


micrometer standards

Mitutoyo Standard Set


cross slide vise

4" Cross Slide Vise


Machine Shop Ops


South Bend Shield


Added 3/23/18


Deckel Pantograph


Bridgeport Mill, 30 Taper Spindle



Tapmatic Tapping Head





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