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Added 10/19/17


Kurt Vise


Kurt Vise w/ Swivel


R-8 Kwik Switch Set


Kwik Switch Holders


Hardinge Radius Turning Tool


Hardinge Indexing Tool Post


Williams Threading Tool


Mitutoyo Square


5-C Lever Indexer


2" Boring Head R-8 Shank


Dremel Saw-Max


Granite Surface Plate


Vernier Depth Gage


 Chisel & Plane Blade Sharpener


Wavy Parallels


Surface Plate Square


Clamp Vise


Angle Plate


"Poor Man's Anvil"


Proxxon Benchtop Table Saw


Spindle Sander


Sears Craftsman Super Router


Craftsman Plane


Wood Threading Kit


Added 10/18/17


Home Shop Machinist Tool Post Grinder


Albrecht Keyless Chuck, R-8 Shank


Mitutoyo 6" Dial Caliper


Starrett Inside Micrometer Sets


Toolsetter w/ Mitutoyo Dial Indicator


Brown & Sharpe Planer Gage


Starrett .0005" Dial Indicator


3/16" Letter Stamp Set


Added 10/17/17


Knight Grinding Inspection Fixture




Kennedy Tool Chest


Dividing Head


Kurt Vise


Bison 2 Piece Vise


Mitutoyo 18" Vernier Height Gage


Palmgren Table Vise Jaws


Dumont No. 00 Broach Set


Dumont 10-10a Broach Set


Toolmakers Vise


Cast Iron V-Blocks


Burnerd EC12 Multi Size Collet 1-1/4" to 1-3/8"


Starrett Dial Indicator


Optical Center Punch


Transfer Screw Set


Gage Block Set


Ultra Thin Parallels


Set Incra Ruler


Lufkin Radius Gage


How to Run a Lathe


Mcmaster Catalog


Adjustable Height Wheel Dresser


Contour Gage


0-1/2" Micrometer


Added 10/16/17


Mitutoyo 6" Digimatic Caliper


Starrett 6" Combination Square


2 Ton Arbor Press


Benchtop Die Filer


Palmgren Milling Attachment


Federal Indicator Stand


Baker 0-1" Dial Indicator


Sine Bar


Starrett Radius Gage


5C Spin Index


Starrett Outside Micrometer Stand


8" Bench Grinder


Wood Lathe Chisels


Space Blocks Set


Added 10/14/17


8" Rotary Table


Palmgren 1.5" Vise


1" Toolmakers Vise


Mighty Mag w/ Indicator




Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers




Starrett Telscoping Gages


Lufkin Rules


Angle Gage Set


Starrett Test Indicator


Brown & Sharpe Bench Block


American Machinists Handbook


Delta Scroll Saw


Added 10/13/17


Starrett Last Word Indicator Sets


Starrett Small Hole Gages


Mitutoyo 3-4" Micrometer


Kurt Vise


Dake Arbor Press


Hardinge 5-C Indexer


Import 5C Index


Palmgren 2-7/16" Vise


Palmgren 4" Vise


Mitutoyo Vernier Height Gage


Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator


 Starrett Indicator w/ Mighty Mag


Brown & Sharpe Screw Jack Set


Machinery Handbook


Helios 13" Dial Calipers


Added 10/11/17



Climax Key Cutter


Added 10/10/17


Baldor Carbine Grinder


Milwaukee Mag Base Drill


Cast Iron Base


Added 10/5/17


Bridgeport M Head


Craftsman 6" JointerCast Iron


Powermatic Belt & Disk Sander


Kalamazoo Belt & Disk Sander


Added 10/4/17


Volstro Rotary Milling Head for Bridgeport


Bison Live Center, 2 MT


Rockwell 11" Wood Lathe


Sanderson Turning Tools


Added 10/3/17


Bridgeport Shaper 1 Phase


Bridgeport Cherrying Head


Added 9/29/17


Heinrich #6 Punch


Added 9/27/17


South Bend 13", 14-1/2"/16" Thread Dial


Bridgeport 6" Vise


 K & T 50NMTB 7/8' Arbor


Brown & Sharpe #9 Shell Mill Holder


10" Back Plate 1-1/2"-8TPI


Huot Drill Index Boxes


Added 9/25/17


Boice Crane Gear Head Drill Press


Added 9/23/17


Atlas Lathe Draw Bar


Brown & Sharpe # 9 Collet Chuck


ER-16 Collet Chuck


Straight Shank Horizontal Milling Machine Arbor


Brown & Sharpe #9 End Mill Holders


Added 9/22/17


Dumore 1/4 HP Tool Post Grinder


Bridgeport M-Head Fine Feed Handwheel


South Bend 9" Tailstock


400 Series Piston Tool Post


Bridgeport Boring Head


Starrett 5-6" Micrometer


Jacobs Chuck B&S#9


Jacobs 1/2" Drill Chuck MT#3


Jacobs 1/2" Super Chuck MT#3


Thread Protector, 2-1/4"-8TPI


Face Plates 2-1/4"-8TPI Spindle Thread


12" Face Plate 2-1/4"-6TPI


50NMTB Arbor


40 Taper Stub Arbor


40 Taper Shell Mill Holder, 2" Pilot


Added 9/21/17


Diacro Corner Notcher


Ramco H-Frame Press


K & T Mill


5C Collets w/ Rack


Added 9/20/18


NEW!!!! Bison 10" 3 Jaw w/ 2-1/4"-8 Spindle Mount


Universal H/V 12" Rotary Table


B & S 6" Mill Vise


Brown & Sharpe 4" Mill Vises


Heinrich Fixture Clamps


Bridgeport B & S #7 Collet Sets


South Bend Thread Chart


Logan Thread Chart


Belt Lacing


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