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Added 8/11/20


Nikon Optical Compartor


Bridgeport 15" Rotary Table


Erick 30 Taper Endmill Holders


Delta Chop Saw


Added 5/8/20

Buck 10" Adjust Tru Chuck

Added 5/7/20

Bridgeport Boring Head

Baldor Carbide Grinder


Sheet Metal D-Bur-R



Niagara Bar Folder


Palmgren 8" Vise


Added 8/6/20


Niagara C-Frame Mechanical Shear


Added 8/5/20


Quick Change Tool Post


South Bend Drum Switch


South Bend Heavy 10 Tailstock


Added 8/4/20


Bridgeport Boring Head


Bridgeport Horizontal Attachment Arbor Support


Bridgeport Horizntal Milling Machine Arbor


Added 8/3/20


Parker 20" Planer


Added 7/31/20


South Bend 9" Tailstock


13MM Endmills


Sandvik Carbide Face Mills


Carbide Lathe Tooling


Kennametal Lathe Tools


Kennametal Boring


Die Stock Handle, Two Sided


Turret Lathe Die Holder




Federal Length Gage


Yankee Drill Press Vise


4" Vise


Angle Plate


Whitney Punch


Added 7/30/20

South Bend 9" Lathe Parts


South Bend 9" Headstock Center


1-1/2"-8 Collet Chuck


South Bend 9"/10K Tool Post Offset


Turret Lathe Slide


Metric Micrometer Standards


Work Bench Cabinet


Added 7/29/20


Myford Lathe Vertical Tool Slide


Palmgren 3" Quick Clamp Vise


Dividing Head Tailstock


Federal Dial Indicator


Added 7/28/20


Mikemaster, Depth Micrometer Gage


Kurt 4" Double Lock Vise


Clipper Belt Lacer


Lufkin Square


B & S Magnetic Base


Added 7/27/20


Kurt 4" Double Lock Vise


Surface Gage


Miniature Vise


Added 7/23/20


Welding Positioner, Not Working


Starrett Surface Plate




Added 7/22/20

Kurt 5" Vise


South Bend Shaper Vise

Gorton 15" Rotary Table

LW Dividing Head

Right Angle Iron


Morse Taper #2 Arbor

Lagun Quill Master

Endmill Grinding Fixture

National Machine Tool Keyway Cutter


Added 7/20/20


Universal Tilting Vise


Added 7/17/20


Hardinge Bench Centers


Added 7/16/20


Logan Lathe


Armstong 1/4" HSS Lathe Bits


MT#2 Crotch Center


Small Dividing Head




Added 7/15/20


Bridgeport Angle Plate


True Value Vise


Added 7/14/20


Troyke 12" Rotary Table


Themac Tool Post Grinder


South Bend 9" Back Gear


South Bend 9"/10K Carriage Stop


South Bend 9"/10K Thread Stop


South Bend 9"/10K Milling Attachment Off Set Base


9" South Bench 3-C Collet Closer


Walton Metal Shaper Planer Tool


K & T B & S # 11 to 7 Adapter


R-8 Stub Arbor


Craftsman 2-1/2" Tilting Vise


Machinist V Block


Set of 3 Bridge Reamers



Added 7/13/20

South Bend 9"/10K Milling Attachment


South Bend Heavy 10 Milling Attachment

Craftsman 8" Rotary Table


Lathe Chuck 2-7/8"


Millers Falls Center Punches


Starrett Surface Gage


Lufkin Depth Gage


Morse Taper #2 Slitting Saw Arbor


Shop Made Table Fixture




V-Blocks w/ Clamps


Angle Plates


Small Drill Press Vise


Added 7/12/20


South Bend 9" Follower Rest


5-1/2" Rotary Indexer

Pamgren 1.5" Vise


Starrett Indicator Set

Lufkin Squares

Modern Tools 12" Dial Vernier Caliper


Added 7/10/20


Enco Mill & Drill


Lista Cabinets

Micrometer Calibration Gages

Walton Tap Extractors

Multi-Size Tap Wrench


Added 7/7/20


Dumore 1 HP Tool Post Grinder




Concave Horizontal Mill Chutters


Horizontal Milling Cutters


Added 7/6/20


Hardinge Step Collet


Hardinge Emergency Collets


Union Combination Square


Kennedy Tool Box


Roper Whitney Hand Punches


Commander Select A Spindle


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