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Added 7/22/19


Sheldon Lathe


Clausing 20" Drill Press


Rockwell 15" Drill Press

Sterling Drill Grinder

SRD Drill Grinder


Flammable Storage Cabinet


Kurt Vises


8" Milling Machine Vise


Added 7/11/19


Clausing 5900 Steady Rest


Clausing 5900 Follower Rest


Rockwell Lathe Cabinet


Added 7/10/19


Kalamazoo 2" Belt Sander


Aloris CA Tool Post


Collis 5MT Live Center


Adjust Tru Chuck


Added 7/9/19


Granite Step Block


Vidmar 10 Drawer Cabinet


Vidmar 7 Drawer Cabinet


Vidmar 4 Drawer Cabinet


Equipto 9 Drawer Cabinet


Lista 7 Drawer


Added 7/3/19


Amada Automatic Bandsaw


Clausing 14" x 48" Lathe


8" 3 Jaw Chuck L00

8" 4 Jaw Chuck

6"L00 Drive Plate

Diacro Rod Parter


Added 7/1/19

Welding Table


Acme Chamfer Gage


Added 6/29/19


Etalon Height Gage


Bedside Reader


Surface Gage


Added 6/28/19


Toolmakers Microscope


Angle Plate


Added 6/27/19


Clausing Colchester 15" x 48" Lathe


H-Frame Press


Added 6/26/19


ARE Shot Blaster


Cincinnati 16" Drill Press


Added 6/25/19


Ex-Cell-O Mill


Bridgeport Right Angle Attachment


Kurt D675 w/ Swivel Base


Jacobs Drill Chuck R-8 Shank


Added 6/24/19


Kalamazoo Bandsaw


Ridgid 4" x 6" Bandsaw


Bridgeport Shaper


Kurt 5" Vise


Brake Drum Lathe


Added 6/19/19

Bridgeport Mill

Kurt Vise

L00 Drive Plate

Albrecht Keyless Chuck, MT#3


Disc Micrometer


Added 6/17/19

Jacobs Flex Collet Chuck, L0 Mount


Torit Dust Collector


Brown & Sharpe Mag Base


Craftsman Square

Versa-Mil Morse Taper #3 Stub Arbor


Valenite Face Mill R-8


Valenite Face Mill 3/4" Shank

Kennametal Boring Bar


Flynn Boring Head B&S 9


Lathe Tool Holder


Roller Stand

Phase Converter 

Pallet Pullers


Added 6/15/19


Kennedy Machinist Chest


4NS Collets


Star Hydraulic Jack


Starrett Thickness Gage


Dumore Tool Post Grinder Dresser


Added 6/14/19


Keller Power Hacksaw


Jacobs 3/4" 18N Drill Chuck, R-8 Shank


Interchangeable Tip Live Center


Federal Dial Indicator


Federal Dial Test Indicator


Teclock Dial Indicator, Made in Japan


Small V-Block Vise Insert


Slitting Saw Arbors


Copper Hammer


Added 6/13/19


Pexto Shear


Added 6/12/19


Acorn Table


Aloris Indexing Quick Change Tool Post BXA


Kennametal Top Notch Insert Holder


Kennametal Turning Tool


MT#3 Live Center


Drill Press Vise


V Block Vise Insert


11/16" Square Hole Vise Handle


Diamond Dresser


Mitutoyo 12" Dial Caliper


Polish Micrometer Set


Brown & Sharpe Dial Test


Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator


Federal Dial Indicator


Johnson Rule


Starrett Telescoping Gage


Spring Loaded Center Punches




Added 6/11/19


Wells Model 300 Bandsaw


Heinrich Drill Press Vise


Added 6/10/19


Palmgren 8" Rotary Table


Dorian Quick Change Tool Post


Starrett Fillet or Radius Gage


Die Filer Files


Lathe Bits


End Mill Set


Imperial Tube Benders


Added 6/7/19

Baldor Carbide Grinder

Oliver 15 Disc Sander 1 Phase

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