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Added 7/2/20

South Bend MT#2 Live Center 

Starrett Tap Handle


Lufkin Center Gage

General Pin Vise


Lufkin Thread Gage


Gerstner Tool Box

Brown & Sharpe Mag Base

Starrett Cross Level

Starrett Pocket Level


 24" Combination Square, Lufkin Rule

Starrett Inside Micrometer Set

B&S Square

Lufkin Blade Type Depth Micrometer 

Lufkin Inside Micrometer

Starrett Jeweler's Screw Drivers


Morse Taper #2 Slitting Saw Arbor

Lufkin Adjustable Parallels

Bellows 4" Quick Vise


Diacro Rod Shear

Added 7/1/20


Vidmar Cabinet


Radius Dresser


Dip Seal Pot


Precision V-Block


Angle Plate


Angle Plate

3 Jaw Chuck


Mag Base Indicator Stand


Letter Stamps

Added 6/30/20

Rolling Step Ladder 

Famco Arbor Press

Aluminum Face Plate


Dumont Broach Set

Small Tap & Die Set

Mound Scraping Set

Universal 15" Rotary Tables 


Brown & Sharpe Toolmakers Vise

Angle Plate

Sine Plate


Pair of V-Blocks

Transfer Blocks

Boring Head

2MT Shell Mill Holder

Skoda Live Center, MT #4 

Added 6/29/20

Micrometer Standards


Small Anvil   


Angle Plates

Right Angle Irons


Starrett 567 Angle Block


Miscellaneous Blocks, Bars, Parallels

1-2-3 Blocks


Magnetic Transfer Parallels


Turret Lathe Tool Holder


Added 6/27/20


Boyar Schultz Profile Grinder


Clausing 5900 Taper Attachment, Price Reduced


Beaver Vertical Mill


Logan 10" Lathe


Added 6/26/20

Wilton 4" Vise 

All American Die Filer

Gerstner Machinist Chest


6" Face Plate 1-1/2"-8


Erickson 30 Taper Tooling


Horizontal Mill Cutters

Fowler 0-3" Micrometer Set


Brown & Sharpe Pin Vise Set


Lufkin Telescoping Gages


Mitutoyo Small Hole Gages


Lufkin Radius Gages

Lufkin 0-3" Depth Mic Set


Brown & Sharpe 2-3" Micrometer


Hex Rethreading Dies




Added 6/25/20


Clausing 8520 Mill


Yuasa 2" Boring Head, MT #2




Mitutoyo Mag Base Indicator


Lufkin 0-3" Depth Micrometer


Letter Stamps


Bench Centers


Brown & Sharpe Magnetic Chuck


Added 6/24/20


Harig Grind All No. 1

Aloris BXA Micro-Adjust Slide


Albrecht 0-1/4" Keyless Chuck


Small Boring Bar Tool Post


8" Rotary Table


Palmgren Tiling Vise


Added 6/23/20


Procunier #1 Tapping Head, 2 MT


.061-.250 Meyer Pin Gages, Incomplete


Reamer Set


Doall Dial Bore Gage


Added 6/22/20

Okamoto Surface Grinder

Burr Bench

Parker 4" Vise 


Ridgid Pipe Vise

Added 6/18/20

Aloris AXA Holders

Boyar Schultz Surface Grinder



Yuasa Spacer

Swedish Quick Chuck

17" D1-6 Face Plate

Horizontal Milling Cutters


Added 6/16/20


South Bend 10K Lathe Bed


Live Center, MT #4


Morse Taper Drill Extension


Added 6/15/20


Milling Attachment


Added 6/12/20

Aloris AXA Tool Holders


Vernier Calipers


Waterloo Machinist Chest


Added 6/11/20

Kurt 6" Vise


Ideal MT# 3 Live Center

South Bend 10K Cross Feed Handle, Dial, Bush, Screw


8x10 Magnetic Chuck

Kennedy Tool Chest


Gage Block Set


Thin Parallel Set


Added 6/10/20


Shop Built Radius Cutter


Added 6/9/20


South Bend 10K Quick Change & Leadscrew


South Bend 10K Apron


Added 6/8/20


South Bend 9" Steady Rest


3-C Collets


Speed Selectors


Data Book


Added 6/3/20


South Bend 16" Part


Barnes Lathe Cast Iron Legs


Magnetic Chuck w/ Control



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