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Added 2/15/19


Leblond Lathe


Taylor Metal Spinning Lathe


Spinning Lathe Dies


Drill Press Vise


Angle Plate


Mitutoyo Telescoping Gages


Starrett Telescoping Gages



Starrett Edge Finder


CoAx Indicator


Added 2/14/19


Machine Work Platform


Cast Iron Legs


Angle Blocks


Added 2/13/19


Crank Type Die Lifts


 Added 2/12/19


Dumore Tool Post Grinder


Rotary Phase Converter


Shars 0-6" Micrometer Set


Depth Micrometer


Starrett Indicator Set 


Interchangeable Morse Taper #2


4" Angle Lock Vise


DTC 6" Vise


Central Forge Cross Slide Vise


Bridgeport R-8 Collet Rack


Jacobs Super Chucks


Work Bench


Added 2/11/19 


South Tool Box for R-8


Steady Rest for Atlas 10" Lathe


South Bend 9/10K Compound


Phase II Rotary Table


Toolmakers Vises


 Clamping Kit Parts


Live Centers


Lathe Tool Holders


No. 10 Broach Set


2" R-8 Boring Head


Craftsman 12" Mitre Saw w/ Laser Trac


Added 2/8/19


Cincinnati Toolmaster


Grizzly Milling Machine


Famco 3-1/2C Arbor Press



Added 2/7/19


Stripping Super 30/30 Punch


Grizzly Horizontal/Vertical Mill


3" Swivel Base Vise


Cast Iron Legs


Import Carbide Grinder


Added 2/6/19


Niagara Circle Shear


Added 1/31/19


UVT Portable Mill


Louvre Die Set


Lathe Threading Tools


Added 1/30/19


Jet Bandsaw


South Bend 16" Lathe(Old Style)


3 Jaw Chuck, 2-3/8"-8 TPI


5-1/4" Face Plate 1"-10


D1-4 Back Plate




Bridgeport Clamping Kit Rack


Kanetsu Magnetic Chuck w/ Walker Control


Standco FPM Counter


1/10 HP Gear Reduction Motor


Added 1/29/19


Bridgeport Mill


Last Word Radius Dresser


Jacobs 1" Super Chuck, 4MT


Jacobs 3/4" 37PD Drill Chuck


Jacobs 5/8" Super Chuck, MT#3


Jacobs 5/8" Super Chuck, MT #4


Albrect Keyless Chuck


Pair of Angle Plates

Angle Plates


Added 1/24/19


Wilton Vertical Milling Machine


Wilton 14" x 40" Lathe


Kurt Vise w/ Swivel Base


Pexto Crimper


Added 1/22/19


Clausing Drill Press


Kurt Vise


Bison 12" D6 Chuck


Atlas 8" Chuck, Plain Back


Angle Plate


Added 1/21/19


Enco 12" Dial Caliper



Meyer Pin Gages


Added 1/17/19


Radial Drill


Trinco Sandblast Cabinet


Armstrong Boring Head


Added 1/16/19


Bridgeport Mill


Dumore Tool Post Grinder


1-3 HP Phase Converter


Added 1/14/19


Acorn Table


Graymills Parts Washer


12" D1-6 4 Jaw Chuck


3 Jaw Chuck, 2-3/8"-6 Mount


Added 1/9/19



Added 1/8/19


Valve Grinder


Headstock Drill Chuck, 1"10


Bridgeport Vise


logan thread dial

Logan Thread Dial


Added 1/3/19


Acorn Table


2 Piece Mill Vise


Added 1/2/19


Dayton Mill Drill


Added 12/29/18


Cushman 12" D1-6


Rohm 12-1/2" 3 Jaw D1-6


Cushman 9-3/4" 1 Jaw


cushman 12" 4 jaw

Cushman 12" 4 Jaw D1-6


10" Drive Plate D1-6


Added 12/29/18


Emco V10-P Lathe w/ Milling Head



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