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Presses Hydraulic and Arbor


N5101 Pana Press 1/4 Ton Arbor Press, Only the one on the left is left. $59.00
  Import Arbor Press, No Plate, Max Height of Work 4-1/4" $29.00
  Yuasa 1 Ton Arbor Press, Model 595-001, Made In Taiwan $100.00
  2 Ton Arbor Press $95.00
jrk Famco #3 Arbor Press on Stand, No Plate $249.00
N51210 Dake Model X Platen Arbor Press $59.00
N51209 Dake 3 Ton Arbor Press Model 1-1/2-B w/ Stand, 18-1/4" Maximum Work Height


N51481 Famco 25C Compound Lever Ratchet Arbor Press w/ Base, 10 Tons $595.00
N5156 Manley Bros. Arbor Press, Max Height 11-3/4", Distance from center of arbor to column 5-1/2" $149.00
N5162 Canedy Otto No. 3 Ratchet Arbor Press, Approximately 4-5 Ton $595.00
  Mead Chicago H42-6 Pneumatic Arbor Press 106 $95.00
  Hand Press $99.00
N5225 Dake 25 Ton H-Frame Press $1,195.00
N5241 Aroan 40 Ton H-Frame Press $895.00
N52555 Ramco 55 Ton H-Frame Press w/ 2 Speed Pump, Model RP55, Made In The USA $1,195.00
  Air Mite Pneumatic Press, 8" Swing, 7" Work Height $125.00
Pneumatic Press, No Tag Indicating Press or Manufacturer, 70 Pounds



Alva Allen B-2 Ton Punch Press w/ Punches & Dies on Stand, 1/3 HP 1 Phase 115 Volts

  Perkins Model 3-C Punch Press, 3 Ton Capacity, 1" Stroke, 1" Ram Adjustment, 3" Shut Height over Bed, 1/3 HP 1 Phase 115 volts $395.00
Benchmaster Punch Press, 1 HP 1 Phase 115-208/230 $250.00
N5590 Small Die Body For Punch Press (1 in the middle is available) $49.00 ea
  Danly Punch Press Die Body, 1-1/2" Stem $49.00
N5591C  Punch Press Die Body, 1-1/2" Stem $49.00
N5591E Danly Punch Press Die Body, 1-1/2" Stem $49.00
  Punch Press Die Body $59.00
Large Punch Press Die Body, 64 Pounds $95.00

Coil Reels


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