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  South Bend 9" Bull Gear, 76 Teeth $149.00
  South Bend Back Gear Assembly, Small Gear 24T, Large Gear 62T $195.00
  South Bend Reverse Gear Assembly $125.00
  South Bend 9" Gear Change Lathe Leadscrew Support Bracket, Bore 1/2" $19.95
  South Bend 9", 1-1/2"-8 Spindle, Gears, Bearing, Expanders $199.00
  South Bend 9" Model A Lathe Compound $175.00
  South Bend 9" Tailstock, Morse Taper #2 $149.00
  South Bend 10" Quick Change Thread Chart, 2-1/4" x 4-3/4" $25.00
  South Bend Heavy 10" Apron w/ Half-Nuts, No Thread Dial, 25 Pounds $249.00
  South Bend Heavy 10L Lathe Feed Reverse Bracket And Gears $125.00
  South Bend Heavy 10 Back Gears, Handle, Shaft, Bushings, Small Gear 24 Teeth, Large 63 Teeth, 14 DP $195.00
 Photo  South Bend Heavy 10 Bed Feet $125.00

South Bend 13" Single Tumbler

  #1 Upper Guard, #2 Bull Gear Guard, #3 Plunger Guard, #4 Quill Guard, #5 Lead Screw Bracket, #6 Oil Can Tray $35.00 Each
  Cast Iron Base Door #1, Right Base Cover #2, Left Base Cover #3 $75.00 Each
  Lower Guard & Bracket #1, Belt Tension Lever & Bracket #2 $95.00 Each
  2-1/4"-8 Spindle, Spindle Gear (38T), Pinion Gear (25T), 4 Step Pulley, Bull Gear (66T) $195.00
Single Tumbler Gear Box, Missing Front Lever, All the gears and the housing look good. $249.00

South Bend 16"

  South Bend 16" Metal Lathe Cast Iron End Gear Cover From Cat No 69 E Single Tumbler Lathe(21 Pounds) $149.00
  South Bend 16" Bull Gear and Pin $100.00
 Photo  South Bend 16" Back Gear $195.00

Prices are each.


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