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Welders and Welding Equipment


  U011 Miller CP-200 Amp Mig Welder w/ Miller Matic 10E Wire Feeder, 3 Phase 230/460 Volts, 100 % Duty Cycle $749.00
U011 Miller CP200 Constant Voltage DC Arc Welding Power Sourch, Stock No. 902930, 3 Phase 200/230/460, Millers S-22A Wire Feed, Stock No. 115396, Serial No. KH440715, Brand New 250 Amp 15' Mig Gun (Made In USA)and 10 Lb. Roll of .035" Wire $895.00
miller portable spot welder  U0721  Miller Portable Spot Welder, Model  PSW-1020ATT, 1 Phase 220 Volts
Lincoln 225 ac welder U0301 Lincoln 225 Amp AC Welder, 1 Phase 220 Volts $175.00
airco 1 phase welder U0525 Esab Airco Dip-Pak 250 Mig Welder w/ Tank, 1 Phase 208/230 Volts Imput, Output 56 OCV Max, 27 Volts 250 Volts, 50% Duty Cycle
U0632l-tec plasma torch L-Tec Plasma Torch PCM-321, 1 Phase 220 Volt Imput, Output 210 OCV Max  120 Volts 30 Amps 40% Duty Cycle $495.00
metco Metco Metallizing Gun Type N w/ Powder
U09012a Eutectic + Castolin Rototec Spray Torch, Model I Gun $349.00
rototec spray torch Rototec Gun Model 1, Custom Metal Alloy Spray System Eutectic & Castolin $349.00
Hypertherm PAC121TS Plasma Torch w/ Consumables

oxy acetylene Torchs Set U0690 Oxy-Acetylene Torch, Regulators w/ Cart $295.00
Acetylene Torch & Tank, 6" Diameter x 18" Long, Gage does not work $100.00

Plastic Welders


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