Cartridge CRT-20, Cradle CC-20, Aloris



Aloris CRT-20 Cartridge and CC-20 Saddle

Aloris Cartridge CRT-20

Standard triangular carbide insert has 6 cutting edges. Exclusive positive lock with 2-way force holding insert down and tight against shoulder. Tool Steel Cartridge adjuster every 15° for right or left hand turning facing or chamfering. 12 positive lock positions. Can be easily adapted on bars, other special tools, to meet any customer’s specifications. Cartridges can be supplied separately or combined with cartridge cradle. Choose from carbide style TNMS, TNMP, or TNMG.

Dimensions (see image) A: 5/8“; B: 1”; C: 11/8“; D: 9/16

Insert Size (see image) IC: 3/8“; Thick: 1/8” – 3/16

Fits Series AXA, BXA and CXA

For use with CBB4-20 and CBB5-20

Aloris Cradle CC-20-Fits Series AXA, BXA and CXA