Indicator, Dial, 0-.125″, 674-4 Adjustable Bracket, Starrett




Starrett Dial Indicator No. 25-131 0-.125″

  • Dial Indicator, 0-.125″ Range, 0-25-0 Balanced Dial, .0005″ Grads, .050″ Range Per Rev, .375″ Stem

674-4 Back with Adjustable Mounting Bracket

  • For use with gages and gaging fixtures where an adjustable indicator mounting is required. A dovetail with rack and pinion adjustment provides 1-1/8″ (28mm) indicator travel. A 1/8″ hex wrench is used to adjust and lock the indicator in final position. The bracket has two counterbored mounting holes (for 1/4″ socket head screws), and the back has four screw holes so the indicator back can be rotated. Back with Adjustable Mounting Bracket for No. 656 Series.