John & Diana Krug

Welcome To Lost Creek

After working at a machine shop in Chicago in the late 60’s, John Krug returned to Ottawa, IL to farm with his father. He realized that the skills he had learned while at the machine shop could be very helpful in keeping the equipment working properly. He set up a small shop on the farm. Occasionally people would stop by and wish to purchase his lathe, mill, drill press, etc. Being a good neighbor he would oblige them. He realized quickly that this could be a good side business to keep him busy in between his farming duties. In 1982 Lost Creek Machine was born. His sons Jason and Matt worked along side him for many years and in 2012 they purchased the business so John could retire and pursue his passion of restoring Ford Model T’s and building an early 1900’s village aptly named Lost Creek. Check out his current endeavors here http://www.modeltnut.com

We are a small family business and value our customers and our reputation. We strive to accurately represent all the used equipment we sell. We enjoy seeing customers pursue their hobby, start their business, and help them grow. The website has a lot of items available for sale but there is a lot more at our showroom where people are welcome to come look around.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope to hear from you soon.


Jason & Matt Krug

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