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BS-0 Semi Universal Dividing Head Milling Machinist Set Product description Style: Semi-Universal Swing: 7-7/8″ Center Height: 3.937″ Hole Through Spindle: 0.709″ Head Stock Taper: #7B&S threads on back plate: 1-1/2″ – 8 Model N0.: BS0 THIS MODEL CAN ONLY SUPPORT 5″ CHUCKS AT THIS MOMENT. Concentricity: .0006″ center; .0004″ inside taper at spindle nose; .0012″ at arbor (8″) Product application Divide any angle by the direct, indirect or differential methods Product features Spindles with tapered roller bearings are on integral part of all diving heads Direct mounted index plate has 24 divisions Hardened and ground worm gear has a 40:1 ratio Head stock swivels to all angles Applications: A: 15-16-17-18-19-20, B: 21-2327-29-31-33, C: 37-39-41-43-47-49 All number from 1-50 All even numbers from 50-100 Many others from 50-400 Can be easily Adjusted to any angle between +10 to 90 degrees from a horizontal position Product includes Threading back plate for mounting lathe chuck (back plate is plane back and it requires drilling & tapping 3 or 4 mounting holes depending on the lathe chuck and turning a shoulder for the recess of the lathe chuck) Center and driving dog 3 Dividing Plates Head Stock Tail Stock